Emmet County Agriculture Extension Office Photographic Collection


Emmet County Agriculture Extension Office Photographic Collection is a collection of photographs that were compiled in a photo album organized by topic that documented the activities of the Emmet County Extension Service, the Emmet County 4-H Club, and local farmers.

The album was compiled and maintained first by Arthur R. Schubert, Agriculture Extension Agent 1928-1935, and then by Robert S. Lincoln, Agriculture Extension Agent 1935-1955. The photographs document a period between 1928 and 1943, including home front efforts during World War II.

The album was organized according to the following topics:


4-H Club

Milkweed Pods
Soil Erosion


The Landscaping portion of the collection includes photographs of farmsteads from every corner of Emmet County and photographs of the Little Traverse Hospital and Road Commission Building.

The 4-H Club portion documents the various activities of the children in the club and includes interior shots of the Petoskey High School during their Achievement Day award ceremonies.

The Milkweed Pods portion documents an effort to grow and collect milkweed pods to use the floss to produce life preservers to support the war effort.

Civilian Conservation Corps, Works Progress Administration, Rural Electrification, and Reforestation projects are also documented in the collection.