Petoskey Students at Lake St. School


Petoskey Students at Lake St. School


Little Traverse Historical Society




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Named Individuals

Walter Siebert; Otis Wilcox; Albert Knecht; Walter Cox; Louis Daggett; Horace Rose; Sydney Bump; Chester Long; Effie Tripp; - Tillotson; George Shaw; Charlie Debis; Arthur Chattaway; Lyle Byram; Fred Baurle; Chas. Hill; Moses Rosenthal; Chesley Lawton; Josie Campbell; May Cooper; Agnes Copp; Carrie Williams; Kate Challanig; Daisy Corson; Maggie Siebert; Edith Atkins; Lorna Ploman; Emma Welles; Nellie Hankey; Chara Bauerle; Ida Stone; Audrey Huntley; Luella Sherman; Mary Stocking; Libby Hill; Cora Benedict; Myrtle Clark; Nettie Merill; Chas Wilcox; Minnie Long; Etta Whittaker; Grace Van Luevan; Mae Shovan; Grace Wilcox; Cora Faunce; Inez Markle; Miss Ryan; Prof Ewing; Stella Brackett; Mabel Rice; Julia Mills; Julie Rice; Fannie Beckham; Eunice Burch; Lydia Burch; Mida Phelps; Edith Petrie; Minnie Van Zonelburg; Hattie Watkins; Nellie Armstrong; Brett; Beulah Parker; Jessie Hill; Ida Parker; Mania Ingalls; Bertha Rice; Clara Stroll; Maude Nuntley; Nellie Olin; Cassius Nill; Chas Kemp; Eddie Labodie; Albert Bowman; Frank Bauerle; Frank Rice; Morgan Curtis



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